The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to the health, safety and well-being of those that live and work in Cook County. Recorder of Deeds Edward M. Moody has evaluated the available information relating to COVID-19. To protect the public from the dangers of the ongoing pandemic, Recorder Moody is extending the closure of the Recorder of Deeds office through May 30, 2020.

Recorder Moody has been working with his staff and those in the industry to develop ways to ensure continuity of services during the office’s closure while safeguarding our employees and customers from the COVID-19 virus. As previously noted, Recorder Moody has spearheaded an effort to implement remote e-recording of eligible documents. He has also successfully worked to have previously recorded documents indexed by our staff remotely. These feats are remarkable and constitute the first time that these functions have been performed remotely by the Recorder of Deeds office.

Recorder Moody is also looking to expand on the services that we can provide while the Recorder’s Office remains closed. Starting on Monday, May 4th, the Recorder’s Office will begin to record documents that have been submitted through the mail or by commercial shipping carrier (such as FedEx or UPS). In addition, Recorder Moody is leading the effort to start recording documents that are unable to be submitted through e-recording, such as condo declarations and plats. While COVID-19 has presented a number of challenges to our operation, Recorder Moody and his staff have worked tirelessly to come up with solutions during these unprecedented times.

Please refer to our website,, for any updates regarding the status of the Recorder of Deeds Office. If you have any questions, please contact us at During the office’s closure, the ROD Support email is the best way of reaching our office to share your questions and concerns.