In an effort to expand services for customers, CCRD is announcing that for the first time ever, “certified digital files” are now available for purchase. Certified Files (PDF format) are more secure than paper copies that have been stamped or embossed with a government seal. They are also easier to send to agencies or authorities that have requested a certified copy of a record from you.

Prior to the paperless options, customers could only obtain a paper Certified Copy by either visiting one of our office locations in person, or paying online and waiting for CCRD to print, certify, and mail to the customer.

Certified Digital Files allow customers to submit and pay for their certified record online, then receive that record via email, as a PDF/A file. The watermark on the document acts as the official stamp, and refers back to the unique “digital fingerprint” (SHA 256 hash calculation) for the original file in the database.

A public-facing webpage – – allows any person who receives a PDF purported to be from CCRD to upload it and verify that it is an authentic file, that it was created by CCRD, and that it has not been manipulated in any way.

If the file has been tampered with or is counterfeit, the receiver will be unable to verify it at our Onyx site.



  • Visit our data portal –
  • On that homepage, search for your Document by address or PIN
  • Documents on your parcel are displayed in reverse chronological order. Simply locate the line with your document, and click the red CERTIFIED PDF button (if you create a free user account, you can view a preview of the document to ensure it is the correct document)
  • CertPDF cap 1
  • On the next screen, enter the email address you wish the Certified File to be delivered to
  • After submitting, you will be prompted to pay for your Order (same price as if ordered directly from CCRD).
  • After paying, your order will be sent to a CCRD Staffer, who will review it, ensure that the Certified File is readable. If the order is submitted within a reasonable amount of time before 5pm, your order may be processed that same day.
  • A CCRD Staffer will place the certification on the image of the document, as a watermark, then package the File as an uneditable PDF.



After your order is processed, you will receive a PDF file that contains your desired record, and a Cover Page.

digital cert cap 2

The Cover Page contains the signed certification, document number, date of creation, unique hash for that specific document, and instructions for verifying it. The Cover Page will also be watermarked with the same value as the following document, to ensure that it can be matched to paper if printed.

Each page of the document will have a semi-transparent watermark, at a 45 degree angle, that confirms the unique fingerprint of the underlying file (not the final file), and the expected page count of that Document. The watermark will be placed in the same place on all certified files to foster standardization, recognition and acceptance.



To understand CCRD’s process, it is first important to understand exactly what CCRD certifies. When a customer receives a certified copy, they are receiving proof that the record in their hand is the same one that was submitted for recordation at the time and date printed in the upper right corner of the document. CCRD does not certify that the transaction described in the document actually happened, or happened as described.

For CCRD’s Certified Digital Files, two things are being certified. First, the unique hash value of the underlying database file is watermarked onto the PDF, along with the date of certification and number of pages. Second, when the Certified Digital File is created by an employee, the hash value of that PDF (which is different than the hash watermarked on the document), is embedded into the bitcoin blockchain at the time of creation and provided to the customer as certification that the document was created by CCRD.

These two certifications, working together, allow provably secure paperless records certification.



This new service is in testing phase, and CCRD is unable to guarantee that 3rd Parties will accept this paperless record instead of paper. You should check with the requestor before ordering.  This service is intended for short to medium-term storage goals. CCRD does not guarantee the long-term viability of the technical standards utilized, including PDF/A or the Secure Hashing Algorithm 256. CCRD reserves the right to change the archival or file standards used, and/or the hashing algorithm or method.