As users of the EZ Dec electronic real estate transfer stamp program are aware, today at 2:00 pm the Illinois Department of Revenue will make the EZ Dec system “read only” until Monday, June 16, when the new MyDec system comes online. Users of our satellite offices who have recordings with EZ Decs attached after this time must come to our Downtown Chicago Office at 118 N. Clark, Room 120 in Chicago, until we bring MyDec online in the satellite offices. During this time, paper PTAX forms can still be used.

Answers to most questions can be found by reading this bulletin.

We appreciate your patience as the State of Illinois works to bring electronic revenue stamps statewide, and we pledge to do whatever we can to assist you in your transition to their new system.

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According to the Illinois Department of Revenue, who is spearheading and responsible for the project:

Access to EZ Dec will be limited for all users (except authorized settlement agencies) beginning at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Additional information regarding the transition from EZ Dec to MyDec is available on IDOR’s website. Beginning Monday, June 16, 2014, MyDec will be the only method available for free electronic submission on our website at

From an informational bulletin:

MyDec at is a new electronic system for handling Real Property Transfer Tax transactions. Cook County and the city of Chicago will be part of a pilot program for users to begin submitting, accepting, verifying, and closing declarations through MyDec. After the initial rollout, all counties in Illinois will be eligible to participate in the MyDec program.
On June 16, 2014, MyDec at, an online Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations program, will become available. MyDec provides a centralized location on the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) website for individuals, law firms, and settlement agencies to file Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations.

Who Can Use MyDec? Users include individuals, law firms, and settlement agencies who prepare transfer tax declarations. Initial use will be limited to Chicago and Cook County property transactions.

After the initial rollout, all counties will be eligible to participate in the program. The MyDec home page contains a list of participating counties. This list will be updated as MyDec is expanded to include additional counties.

Other counties can begin contacting IDOR to begin the enrollment process immediately following implementation of the pilot program. To begin this process, the county recorders need to simply contact us at

Users who are having difficulty activating their MyDec accounts should follow this IDOR directive:

If you have trouble activating your MyDec account,
call us at 1 844 445-1114.