The Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office is now offering the Cook County Military and Veterans Discount Card via mail.

To register by mail, the following is required to be completed:

Fill out and Submit, the Online Military and Discount Card Application.

And send the following information:

  • One color, head shot photo
  • A copy of one the following, proof of service:
    -VA ID
    -CAC Card
  • A copy of your Retired Military ID

Also, if submitting a DD-214, enclose

One copy of the following, government issued ID’s:
-Valid Driver’s License
-State ID
-CAC Card

Submit all documents by mail to:

Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Attn: Veterans/Military Services

118 North Clark Street, Room 228

Chicago, Illinois 60602-1387

Once all required documents have been received, the Recorder of Deeds Office will process the information submitted and send you the Military and Veterans Discount Card, entitling you to discounts at over 200 merchants in Cook County.

Online Military/Veteran Registration


Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant Directory – Updated Aug 14, 2016

Register Your Business as a Partner

Learn About CCRD’s Free DD-214 Recording Service


What is the Cook County Military and Veterans Discount Program? The MVDP is authorized by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, and jointly administered by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds and the County Department of Veterans Affairs. The purpose is to create a network of businesses across Cook County who offer military and veterans discounts, and provide a County-issued ID card to identify eligible residents to those vendors. This public-private partnership is a small way to honor those who have served, by helping them keep more of their hard-earned money.

Who is eligible?  All active-duty military, guard/reservists, and veterans with an honorable or general discharge. Identification will be checked prior to processing.

What do I need to get the discount card?   Please bring a government-issued photo or military ID, and if you are a veteran, please bring a copy of your DD-214 or other separation papers indicating discharge status. If you have previously recorded your DD-214 with our office, we can retrieve a copy for free. If you have not, please ask about FREE safeguarding of this document with CCRD (we will provide you a free certified copy and protect the document from public view, meaning it is not considered a public record).

How does it work?  Once you are enrolled, you will receive a MVDP Discount Card with your photo. You will also receive informational fliers showing which companies are participating. Due to new businesses being added, this website will serve as the most current list of participating vendors/companies. If you register at one of our Satellite Offices or a community signup event, your card will be mailed within 10 business days.

How can my business participate?  The first thing you can do is fill out the Registration Form, making sure to enter all details including your contact info, company name, details about your offer, locations, etc. At that point you will be added to our master list of participants. If you ever need to update or change your offer, you can do so through the same Registration form (please indicate in the comment box that it is a change order.) Once available, you may display any available promotional materials or signage, and promote your support to raise awareness.

The fine print. Cook County, CCRD, and the Department of Veterans Affairs offer no guarantees associated with the card to users. Acceptance of the card, and discounts and incentives offered, are the sole discretion of the participating merchants. Further, issuance of the card is for the program only, and is not considered proof of military or veterans status.


To Be Included In The List Of Businesses That Provide Military/Veteran Discounts


Please include all relevant information and details. If you need phone assistance, please include this request as a note in the message body. If you are using this Portal to update a previously-registered offer, please indicate in the message body that you are replacing a previous offer. By submitting, you are agreeing to participate in the Program and to provide timely notification through this Web Portal of any changes in your participation. Further, you authorize your company name to be included on the list of participating companies and on promotional materials.