CCRD and its partner, Onyx Electronics, have spent months working on a new way to search and purchase official records held by CCRD, and the result is the most versatile source of land data in Cook County. The site is currently in Open Beta, meaning the public is invited to use it and provide feedback. CCRD will host an Informational Session in late April or early May (details coming soon) to demonstrate the site and address questions and feedback.

[Note: not all images have been watermarked for preview (100,000 new added each day), but all documents can be purchased now]

While the site is not meant to replace CCRD’s 20/20 Portal, it does contain all records from the 20/20 website (and more), and will provide increased functionality as CCRD continues its work to replace the ACS 20/20 land records system installed in 2003. Those who do a great deal of property research will appreciate the integration of search results from the Cook County Assessor, Clerk and Treasurer, building code violations and permits from the City of Chicago, as well as the integration with GIS spatial maps (allowing searches by address). This means you can find all information about a parcel without having to visit separate websites and navigate the CAPTCHAs.


Example showing in-page integration from Assessor.



CCRD-Onyx Onyx1gives each parcel a static landing page the public can use to easily access (and bookmark/share) the recording history, maps, assessment history, taxation history, and buildings department data from the City of Chicago.

The recording information is also hyperlinked, meaning that a new Grantor/Grantee search can be performed by simply clicking on the party name from the parcel documents page.

CCRD-Onyx’s Search Page allows a wide variety of queries, most notably the one-line search bars for PIN or Address, and Keyword. By utilizing the Quick Search, users will notice how fast a large results set can be returned. Unlike 20/20, the results lists are not limited to the first 100 results, making them more usable for title companies and property investors.



In response to a resurgence in ‘contract-for-deed’ sales scams where people are duped into buying homes slated for demolition, or have such a large amount of liens and unpaid water bills that they are prohibitive to make current, CCRD has implemented a new data visualization called Property Health. This shows a variety of barriers to purchase in an easy to understand format (plain language and color coding), including whether the property has or had court actions like foreclosures, whether it appears on Chicago’s Demolition List or has building code violations.




CCRD-Onyx allows any user to create an account, and purchase documents by credit card. Geared towards power users, the pricing structure starts at $3.00 per document (which includes the credit card fee), making each record approximately $1 cheaper than if purchased on 20/20. Customers who wish to save more money can open a funded draw-down account that reduces price based on volume (starting at $2.50 per doc). After 50 documents are purchased in a month with a draw-down account, the per-document fee goes down to $2.00, and all document purchases over 100 in a month are priced at $1.75 each.



If you are not yet familiar with CCRD’s Free Property Fraud Alert, now is a good time to become so, as it has been moved under the software management of Onyx Electronics. Though initially designed to provide a recording alert on any property, some power users have recognized it as an easy way to monitor a set of properties for changes in the chain of title. The Free Fraud Alerts can be created from the master green ribbon on



Over the next year, CCRD will completely replace its ACS 20/20 land records software. In the meantime, users are invited to try Onyx.

Features include:

  • Most property data in one place (no need to open multiple windows or CAPTCHAs)
  • Faster searching
  • More search results
  • Personal accounts to tracks purchases
  • Optimized for mobile and all browsers
  • Search by address or partial PIN/Address
  • Hyperlinked fields and static pages
  • Cheaper document purchases
  • Custom data queries
  • Online plats (coming soon)

[reminder: this site is in Open Beta. Please send any errors or bugs you find to]