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In a move that will greatly expand e-recording in Cook County, especially to real estate attorneys, the Cook County Recorder of Deeds is pleased to announce that e-recording of “exempt” deeds is now available to all MyDec Account-holders (previously only title companies).

The State and County will continue to maintain the policy that deeds where real estate transfer tax is owed to the State or County can only be e-recorded by title companies/settlement agencies. CCRD’s expansion applies only to deeds that are marked exempt from both State and County transfer tax on the completed MyDec, and whose declaration status is Closing Complete or Municipality Verified. Deeds that do not comply or are not in the correct status will be auto-rejected by CCRD’s software.

Recorder Karen Yarbrough officially e-records Cook County's first deed in 2015.

Recorder Karen Yarbrough officially e-records Cook County’s first deed in 2015.

Since taking office, Recorder of Deeds Karen A. Yarbrough has worked to expand e-recording in Cook County, a form of submission that increases efficiency and accuracy, all while reducing paper. Thanks to a new state law that allows real estate transfer stamps to be applied electronically to the document image by CCRD and this week’s expansion, more documents than ever are now available for electronic submission.

Documents may be submitted 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Because the three main submitter companies that work with CCRD offer delayed billing, filers can write one check per month for all their recordings, rather than paying separately for each and risking a rejection due to an incorrect check amount.

To view Cook County’s E-Recording Guidelines and to access our Acknowledgement Return Request Form, please click here.

For specific questions, please call (312) 590-5013.