CCRD is happy to report that the Cook County Board has passed the Ordinance outlining our new Transfer Data Subscription Program.

The annual subscription price is $400. This amount was determined by a cost-study to ensure compliance with the state statute authorizing this activity.

Please be aware that the Transfer Data will consist of all Cook County real estate transactions that were recorded during a calendar month, as taken from our Computerized Indexing System. The data will be uploaded once monthly to a password-protected portal, and can be downloaded by the Subscriber.  Filtering or otherwise narrowing the data will be the responsibility of the Subscriber after accessing the portal. The annual subscription fee and Access Agreement does not include technical support beyond accessing the portal.

To be notified when the Access Agreements are available, please submit your contact information below and we will notify you of the subscription procedure. Your subscription will be activated once your Access Agreement is signed and your annual subscription fee is paid.


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