Click Here for the CCRD 100 Day Report

To the Residents of Cook County:

Final CCRD Staff Photo - 100 Day Report

I am pleased to offer this report on the progress my office has made towards our goals of accuracy, efficiency and advocacy in our first 100 Days.

As the first new Recorder of Deeds for Cook County in 13 years, it should be no surprise that I saw many opportunities to enact positive changes. At a time when Americans are trying to pick up the pieces after a housing and foreclosure crisis unlike anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression, it is important that the people’s county land records office is as organized and efficient as it can be.

The Office of the Recorder is essential to commerce because the records we maintain give lenders the information they need to collateralize loans, providing families with homes they can take pride in and entrepreneurs with capital to create jobs. As one of the County’s largest generators of revenue, we help other agencies provide needed services. This improves our communities.

In this Report you will see our progress towards ensuring fair employment and hiring practices, an update on our bold legislative agenda to help homeowners fight property fraud, increases in revenue, and a new commitment to improving employee morale through training. We have overhauled and re-launched a Property Fraud Unit and Alert System, and are dedicating office space for a Veterans Services Station. We have implemented inventory controls and are phasing out unneeded supplies, looking for ways to streamline workflows to save time and money.

We have done much, but much remains to be done.

I am proud of all the employees who stepped up and went the extra mile for customer service in this first 100 Days, and ask that they all continue to do so in the name of public service.

Before taking office, I promised residents that I’d be the chief advocate for property owners in Cook County. I look forward to continuing to work with them as we build a stronger economy.


Karen A. Yarbrough

Recorder of Deeds